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Human Resource Management Alpha HRM Software For Your Success

Human Resource Management

Alpha HRM Software helps You focus on people rather than paperwork.

Human Resource Management - For enterprises wanting more efficient and effective utilization of human resources -- But Can't Get Started...

The goals of human resource management are more effective and efficient utilization of human resources in order to achieve the strategic objective of the organization while facilitating the accomplishment of individual goals.

The goals of HRM can be attained and accomplished by developing a knowledge base in job scrutiny, human resource planning, selection, recruitment training development, welfare and compensation, HRM law, moil relations, and the process of continuous quality improvement.

General Benefits of Alpha HRM Software

  • It has been proven that the key component of any organization’s activities and the development of its long-term strategies lies in an efficient HRM software. Human Resource Management integrates human resources planning with other aspects of the planning cycle and develops a coordinated process that resulted in increased productivity.
  • HRM software is designed to help enterprises bring the difficult and often cumbersome task of HR record keeping and reporting under complete control, providing real-time access of extensive information on employees and helps protect an enterprise's most valuable asset -- its people.
  • Human Resource Management System enables real-time access to key employee information such as salary history, attendance history, job history, training skills, performance appraisals, insurance/benefits, wellness and much more.
  • On the other hand, employees, can access their own contact and address details, submit and view applications for leave, check overtime, higher duties allowances, shift change applications, and even receipt of their salary.
  • For employees, a HRM Software can create career plans and goals as well as build graphical succession hierarchy for key positions. It also manages appraisals for each employee and allows the creation of an evaluation template with a standard set of questions that can be used for all employees reviews, the results of which are then stored for future retrieval.
  • Various types of incentive such as bonus, stock, compensation, and sales commissions for individuals and groups can be implemented.

The Economic Benefits Of HRM Software

Alpha HRM Software as a crucial tool, helps organizations in the following ways .

  • Human resources planning improves productivity with other aspects of the planning cycle and develop a coordinated process, and by better understanding issues such as absenteeism and non-budgeted overtime.
  • Giving employees an enhanced sense of involvement in their own career path and role within the company thus increasing employees’ satisfaction.
  • Developing a database from employees' entries, leading to better information about the skills and needs of the workforce, locally or globally as required, providing a greater understanding of employees.
  • Developing ratios of applicants to jobs filled and percentage of candidates with offers by enhancing business-level analysis of the recruiting process.
  • Implementing a more strategic recruitment policy to win the war for talent.
  • Minimizing the amount of work needed to gather access or analysis while maximizing the value of employee information.

Business Benefits Of HRM Software

With HRM Software, you can reduce business cost by:

  • Eliminating errors - A HRM software is accurate and efficient in gathering payroll and data, with just a few steps minimizing the possibilities for errors. Time efficient communication between HR department and employees is established by automated links.
  • Solving Paper Problem - A HRM software solves paperwork problems and puts an end to the paper files.
  • Saving Financially - For open positions, a HRM System can identify candidates whose qualifications and skills match the criteria for open positions and who will best support corporate goals.
  • Saving Administration Cost - Besides providing better service to employees, a HRM System, reduces spending on payroll function.
  • Increasing Speed - A HRM software builds talent pools, create the next pool and look at ways to attract and retain talented people, thus allowing quick hiring and/or promotion in organizations.
  • Automating Processes And Information - Recruiting personnel to fulfill their job responsibilities more effectively can be easily accomplished by Alpha HRM System. The system can direct a request to approve a promotion or hiring, payroll to pay and churn out a letter.
  • Optimizing Human Asset - Decision makers within a company with the help of Alpha HRM System will find its workforce more visible, leading to human asset optimization as managers scan and utilize the skills of their workforce.
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